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Hey Guys and Gals, Below is a link that you will be able to follow me on my trip to the Florida Keys. I will be leaving around the 8th of Dec. Put this in your favorites, click on it  and it will have locations every 10 minutes. It is linked with Google Earth Maps to show location. Don't be alarmed if I stop moving, stay in one place for more than one day, or I am going in circles. I may have had to many rum and cokes. I have emergency contacts set up if something goes south I will hit the panic button. No worries!!

There is another link that will include pictures. This will be updated as I get to where I can get wi-fi.  Go to

 I also have it linked to Face Book. When I get to Panama City, Fl. I will make sure it is working there. If you experience any trouble let me know.