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Woody Goes To NY


29 July 09

Got the overheating problem corrected Mon. Since we are in Coecles Harbor and more than 2 days out, this became the logical place for my farewell to SV No Regard. The marina took me to the ferry, and I crossed from Shelter Is to Greenport. I boarded the LIRR(train) to NYC Penn Station. Then uptown to Port Authority and a bus to Keyport and tomorrow to Newark and home.

27 July 09

I am OK. Engine problems. Sailed from Block to Cockell's Harbor...Shelter Is yesterday. Anchored under sail. Could not chg phone. Testing right now. Update tom.

26 July 09

THE grocery on the Island. Selection ok,prices up there.

tourist part of town

This is. The tourist part of town where the ferries bring in hundreds of people. Had clam cakes for lunch,and sat at a table with some kids. There hotel rooms were $300 a night.and these are not what the photo show,

A garden with houses in the distance

The terrain and jetties

Had nice tour of island. Other than the boat people, rest of island tourist oriented.


25 July 09

Jerry ask me if I had ever seen anything like The Great Salt Pond? I said Crab Island, only here the toys are bigger and way more expensive. Anyway we were up late as the storms got worse with 50 kt winds and sideways rain. Could not get dinghy in water until noon. Had first hot shower since Sat....it was wonderful. Bought lobsters off the boat for dinner, 2 chicks and 2 culls...$30.  Will probably have same tomorrow night. Going to town tomorrow, will try to get pics. Sorry for any typos during this. Keyboard is tiny and lighting bad.

24 July

Left Fisher Is early to try to beat weather to Block Is. Encounted intense fog...see forum... and somehow made it past the traps of the east end of Fisher Is. The photo of the boat in front of Watch Hill RI is when the fog lightened up. Saw mast of boat that was on the reef. Headed to Block, engine cut out...fuel filter.  Finally made Blockl...22 miles 9 hours later due to the currentas of the Race.  In Block now (yeah) and it is pouring with winds @20-30.

23 Jul 09

And wouldn't you know that Woody is still playing the Sharif of Alan's Marina, here is the email this morning:

From: woody smith [mailto:wsdp356@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2009 4:48 AM
To: laroux@nicevilleyc.org
Subject: Dock lights

 Up at daybreak here. You might need to let Chip know that there were no lights on the dock. This uncluded the floods. Still dark there. Time 4:42 CDT



23 Jul 09

I personally had not ever seen a depth meter with 3 numbers without a decimal point, but it was common today.  This 240ish was the deepest and occurred at Plum Island at the fishtail of LI. We covered 56 n. miles today and are anchored in West Harbor of Fisher Island NY. We are only 3 miles of the coast of CT, but for some reason this still belongs to NY.  Started off slowly as tide and current were against us, but once shifted The Race was in our favor and we were going @ 7kts. We we arrived the New London Wed Night Races had about 50 boats, and the one out of (my guess) Noank had a good 75 boats. It was quite impressive. We are 20 nm from Block Island and will arrive tomorrow, although we have unfavorable conditions early from The Race.

22 Jul 09

This is the Bridgeport-Port Jeff ferry established by PT Barum so he could commute from LI to Conn to run the circus. This ferry is the PT Barum

20 Jul 09

Sudden change in plans. We decided to stay here and ride out the rough weather. Jerry not feeling well, so got something for him and also got more ice. Felt it was better to be where we can get stuff we need, than in the middle of nowhere. Raking clams is big up here certain times of the year.

19 Jul 09

We were going to stay here Mon, but weather pushes us on...I have@been to Port Jeff before. Leaving AM for Duck Island CT, then we will decide if the jump is to Shelter Is NY, ort Block Is RI.  Did 32 mi, 10 under sail. Winds come up.@ night...last night 20 gust until.3 AM.at anchor

Shows more on terrain especially behind beach.

Sunrise over bird refuse, our second anchorage @ Port Jefferson.

The official portrait of Adm. AnTony on watch @ Sag Harbor


18 July 09

Went 38 miles today. 28 under power up East River, 10 under sail in LI Sound. First anchorage. Glen Cove, they have lots of boats, and houses on hills.


Lots of boats, and houses on hills.



18 July 09

Woody is off to Where?  Here he is going up the East River to Long Island Sound.

Entrance to NY Harbor